From Peru

An exerpt from Albino's blog:

Our project Peru keeps on going. Please keep on praying for it and "thank you" to all those who are trying to support it. It is so important to have a third house there to welcome more of the little children that really need help. The children are the most precious gift. Taking care of them gives our young men and women the opportunity to serve those who are weaker and in need. This always means the gift to learn how to sacrifice, listen, put aside selfishness - to love - so that eventually they can be truly good mothers and fathers. Mother Elvira opened the missions in South America to give the Community members a chance to change, to come out of themselves, to get hearts that think and focus on others. Two of our young men will go to Peru. We will send from here Tim C. and Dan N. to serve. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience to live with the poor and to learn to live for the very poor.

If you would like to help in God's work of mercy in Peru, please contact us, or use our secure online giving link.