Consecrated Life 

The religious family Missionary Sisters of the Resurrection was born within the charism and apostolic service of Comunita Cenacolo. It is comprised of women who found resurrection, thanks to their encounter with Christ, during their time in Comunita Cenacolo. During this time they discovered how very beautiful and precious is the Christian life. They felt the call of Jesus to the consecrated life, to “pour out their lives” to Him in service of their brothers and sisters, thus living a spousal fecundity with Christ and a motherhood of charity toward the wounded humanity of our time. They take the vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, and service and love for the poor. They come from different nations and are currently serving in Italy, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and Liberia. The Missionary Sisters of the Resurrection are a Public Association of the Faithful of Diocesan Right (Diocese of Saluzzo, Italy), called to live and to serve within Comunita Cenacolo.

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