Comunità Cenacolo: A School of Life

The Comunità Cenacolo is not a program; rather, it is a School of Life. The Community offers an authentic and concrete proposal of life based on Jesus Christ. We live a simple life based on prayer, sacrifice, authentic friendship, truth, work, and faith.
For those of us who had enough materially, but fell into an inner darkness, often accompanied by alcohol and drugs, this simple proposal of life is deeply valued because it is genuine, true, and of God. Everyone in desperation is thirsting for love – true, authentic love – and this comes not from man, but from God. This school of life is for all who want truth and life, without any distinction of race or religion.

The Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Mother

The Holy Eucharist is the heart of Comunità Cenacolo, which is committed to faith in the Word of God made flesh in Jesus Christ, who died and rose for our salvation. We entrust ourselves to Mary, Mother of God, whom weknow as our own mother, always protecting us and guiding us deeper into the heart of her Son Jesus.
Ours is a very active community with a precise daily rhythm. Every morning we begin the day by thanking the Father for His gift of new life. Through reading the scriptures and praying the Rosary before the Blessed Sacrament, we join as a family in offering ourselves and the entire day to Jesus, asking Him to heal us and to empower us with His Holy Spirit. We ask Him to show us the masks and lies that have ruled our lives and to replace these with His light and truth.

The Discovery of Work as a Gift

Comunità Cenacolo offers to each young man and woman the discovery of work to be lived as a gift. As we build exterior structures, God builds the inner man. Through working together, we learn to communicate more effectively, accept the ideas of others, and resolve conflicts. Obedience and acceptance of authority, values previously rejected in attitude and behavior, slowly develop within us. Hard work helps us to build the interior discipline we have always lacked. It combats our fears and our laziness, both of which have prevented us from persevering with difficult challenges. It builds our will, which has always been weak, and bridles our passions, which have always ruled our lives. Community jobs include carpentry, welding, construction, baking, cultivating fruit and vegetable gardens, cooking, and home maintenance.

Friendship and Christian Character

The very fabric of community life forms a genuine Christian character within the members of Comunità Cenacolo. The truth about ourselves emerges in our daily interactions, as we deal with each other’s weaknesses and interior poverty. We encourage, correct, criticize, and support, thus learning how to accept the truth about ourselves, as well as how to speak the truth to others. We learn to serve and sacrifice for another in spite of frailties and imperfections. Persevering through difficulties in relationships shapes our will and teaches us the meaning of Christian love and commitment.

Dependence on the Providence of God

Comunità Cenacolo depends and lives totally on the Providence of God, which sustains us through the gifts and contributions of those who desire to help in this work of God’s healing. We learn to live in gratitude, realizing that our joy does not depend on what we have or what we lack. We know and trust that the Father, who is rich in mercy, will give us all that we need. We receive no government funds, nor do we ask payment of anyone living in Community.



CONTACT:    Comunita Cenacolo America   ~   1050 Talleyrand Avenue   ~   Jacksonville, FL  32206   ~   904-471-8453


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